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Gimme 4 Inc. was founded in September 2011. We are a 501c3 non-profit charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to help families that are battling cancer. We raise money through events such as 5Ks, golf tourneys, and contributions made by many of you that also feel like it is a great cause. The foundation is inspired by a wonderful man named Jason Roe. Jason passed away on July 13, 2012 after battling cancer and giving all it could handle. Jason was an awesome MAN of GOD!! He also was born without thumbs. He could always be heard saying "Gimme 4" instead of the traditional gimme 5. I always appreciated and respected the way that he embraced it. With that and the tradition in football when the 3rd quarter comes to an end and everyone in attendance and probably even in living rooms across the country, fans and players hold up 4 fingers. Why?

The message is that the battle is not yet over, in fact in some cases has only just began. Our message here at Gimme 4 Inc. is to never quit, never give up and run the race. Play all 4 quarters, because that is what God is calling us to do. Give our best effort while we are on this earth until it is time for us to go home. 2 Timothy 4:7 says "I have fought the good FIGHT, I have FINSHED the race, I have kept the FAITH". Fight til you Finish by keeping your Faith. This is all we can do because God is in control. Please support what we are doing here, because cancer has undoubtedly affected everyone's life at some point. Thanks for your support and Gimme 4!!!

Jason Roe



“Lucas McElroy may have Leukemia but

Leukemia doesn’t have him! He’s such a strong little trooper!” That’s what all his Facebook followers see. Lucas (aka Joey) was diagnosed with Leukemia during his 4 year old physical exam last year. He has been facing his cancer challenges head on for year! In this year, he has lost his hair (and grew back, somewhat), went for

round after round of chemo, and lost his drive for fun. His cancer treatments will continue for two more years at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Lucas is such a loving little boy and has three sisters that adore him. He loves spider-man, watching Spongebob, and sitting on his Mom and Nana’s lap.


After the race I got my first results that confirmed that I was on
remission. Since then I have gone 2 more times and both successful "no
presence of the disease" diagnosis. We moved to Miami in August to be
closer to family. The baby turned 1 in August too. I thank God everyday
for allowing me to watch them grow! I go to my next appointment November
4th hoping we are still on remission!


Sandra Arredondo of Frostproof, FL is a 29 year old single mother of 2 kids (daughter 14, son 7). In April 2013, Sandra was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer that has spread into her lymph nodes. She is currently undergoing Chemotherapy treatments and started a second round of Chemo in September. She had a double mastectomy in late October, followed by heavy radiation treatments. On top of her current battle, Sandra lost her Mother in June 2012 to the same form of Breast Cancer that she has been diagnosed with that eventually metastasized into her lungs. They are in a very tough battle right now, both physically and financially, and we need your help.


Christian is currently a football player at Warner University. During Spring practice his first year he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Since the 5K in February 2014, he is in remission and playing football again.


Cindy continues to work at Warner University as the Director of the Non-Traditional Business Administration Program. On February 20, 2016 we were honored to host our 5th Annual 5K for Cindy who is battling Breast Cancer.

Watch this amazing video about Cindy, created by Monique Frandji, a student at Warner University,


Samson is the son of Al and Whitney Corbeil and younger brother to Azarias (3). Samson (2), was diagnosed with pre-B ALL Leukemia in December 2015. Samson will undergo a 3 1/2-year journey of chemo treatments at All Children’s Hospital in St. Perterburg. Samson is a dinosaur-loving warrior, and he is a conqueror. He loves life with all of his heart. He thinks his brother hung the moon and wants to be just like him. He is feisty and the epitome of pure sweetness all rolled into one incredible, smart, adorable, prayer-loving, and growing little boy.


John Henry (13) is the son of Peter and Michelle Klekamp and the grandson of Warner University professor, Tom Burdsall. John Henry is in his second battle with Neuroblastoma. He is a resident of Tallahassee, Florida. John Henry has a scan coming up in May 2017 to determine next course of action. The tumors are currently wrapped around his spine and are inoperable. Please pray for John Henry and his family.

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